Sett Studio – Website Design

A forward-thinking approach to functional space.

My role

Graphic Designer

What I did

UX / UI Design
Web Design

Environmentally responsible, modern homes and modular studio spaces in Austin, TX.

The Brief

Redesign the sett studio website to match the contemporary design of their homes.

Live Modern

Sett Studio wanted to update the aesthetic of their website to match the upcoming changes within the company. They wanted the site to showcase and highlight their designs while feeling as contemporary as their homes. I worked on this project with another designer while employed at Rising Tide Growth + Marketing.

Contemporary Design

In order to make the Sett Studio website stand out, we used a combination of contemporary design elements that help to reinforce the modern aesthetic of their homes.

We used a hidden navigation sidebar that calls attention to itself when you land on the page, and quickly minimizes to the left margin as you begin to scroll. Allowing the homes to take center stage while avoiding any information that would interfere or distract the user.

Modern Homes

All of Sett Studio’s homes have a very modern and unique design aesthetic. We decided to emphasis the form of each design by carefully removing everything in the scene except the contour of the home. Creating a unique shape that is special to each home and helps establish them from one another.

Welcome Home

We wanted the user to have access to all information about the design, while still being able to scroll through all the photos of the home.

We achieved this by utilizing a split-view page design that allowed the information to follow the user down the page as they scroll through the content.

Ending with a list of construction and building information and a CTA to contact Sett Studio about setting up a tour, or simply getting more information about the home.