Twyla – Building a Brand

Exclusive Limited Editions by the World's Top Artists

My role

First Designer

What I did

Visual Identity
Marketing Materials
Product Packaging
UX / UI Design
Interaction Design
Web Design

A tech-based startup selling limited editions prints of contemporary artworks.

The Brief

Establish Twyla brand identity and design all visual assets needed as the company grew from 8 people to 50+

Establishing the Brand

One of my first responsibilities was the creation and implementation of all Twyla Stationery. The original logo and branding were created by the very talented Preacher creative company. Preacher also provided branding guidelines that were used as a starting point for all branded collateral.

The concept behind the Twyla aesthetic was to let the artists and their work take the forefront, while Twyla supported them from ‘behind the curtain’. The aesthetic followed this concept by utilizing minimal and reserved elements that lifted the artwork to the top, while providing credit to the people that worked to make it all happen.

Authentic Artwork

As Twyla grew its roster of artists, it needed a way to certify that the artworks were authentic. And so, the Twyla Certificate of Authenticity (COA) was created.

The certificate followed the same aesthetic established by the stationery, highlighting the unique signature of each artist in comparison to the minimal design of the printed information.

Hand Embossed /
Hand Stamped

Each Twyla COA was embossed by hand before being sent off to the customer. Further pushing the concept of Twyla’s position behind the artists and not in front of them. Included with the COA was a hand signed thank you note, contained in an envelope and sealed with a wax stamp of the Twyla logo.

Twyla Care Package

The COAs were part of a ‘care package’ that were sent to new artists. This was Twyla’s way of introducing the artist to the family, and included a series of branded collateral.

Art in Context

The Twyla website went through several iterations as we continued to refine the experience of buying art online. But one thing that stayed consistent was the concept of ‘Art in Context’. This concept featured the artworks in a home setting, and was used to help potential customers envision the artwork in their lives, instead of on a gallery wall.

Safe and Simple Shipping

Twyla worked with the Kubox team to design an efficient and affordable packaging solution. The Twyla box contains the artwork and an installation kit that includes a guide for installing the artwork, cleaning supplies, and a personalized note from the artist.

Installation Guide

The Twyla mission was to make the installation as easy to understand as possible. I worked with the Director of Customer Experience to create this simple and efficient guide for the consumer. The booklet contains all original illustrations and iconography to guide the consumer through each step of the process.

Wall Tags

I designed a wall tag that would accompany all artworks on display.

The wall tag included a CTA for the newly introduced personal curator called 'Twyla Bot'.

Where the user could text the Twyla bot a code and would receive information about the artwork and suggest similar works.