XTEND – Rebrand

A New Era of Recovery

My role

Senior Graphic Designer

What I did

Art Direction
Brand Identity
Marketing Materials
Product Packaging
UX / UI Design
Interaction Design
Web Design


A delicious, sugar-free way to support muscle recovery, repair, and growth.

The Brief

Rebrand XTEND under the Nutrabolt umbrella while still honoring it's 10+ year brand legacy.

"Ask for Forgiveness, but make it worth the trouble."

Shortly after being hired at Nutrabolt, a nutritional life science company, I began working on rebranding one of their newly acquired companies, SCI+VATION. The company was purchased shortly before I was hired, and I proposed updating the brand to signal a new beginning under the Nutrabolt umbrella.

The concept was well received by my Creative Director, and after pitching to the CEO, I began working on an official rebrand including everything from strategy to execution.

Same Formula, New Look

Since the product was loved so much by the community, we had to make sure we handled the rebrand very delicately. Usually, changing the name is the hardest thing to get people accustomed to. But in our case, it was the packaging, and more importantly, the formula.

This turned the packaging redesign, into more of a rearranging. Where we decided to refresh the elements of the design, instead of replacing them. All the information from the old packaging is still present. But a hierarchy is introduced with larger emphasis placed on things like the name, formula, and benefits.

The most notable changes to the packaging are the removal of the SCI+VATION word mark, the updated XTEND wordmark, the addition of the new X brand mark, and the name of the product is now spelled out instead of being implied.

New logo, who this?

One of the biggest updates that came with the rebrand, was the addition of a new brand mark. This addition helped signal a new beginning for the brand and really championed the X in XTEND. The new mark works great at small sizes for things like social media avatars, stickers, popsockets, etc. And is also featured on the new packaging label and embossed into the lid.

Behind the Mark

Video showing how the mark comes from the chemical structure of Branched-Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs)

Revealing the X

Animation of the XTEND X Mark used to reveal the rebrand. The use of 3D helped to convey the weight of the mark as it signaled the beginning of a new era of recovery.

Teasing the X

I made a 3D animation of the new X mark to build hype for the rebrand. The video features several close crops of the new mark in an isolated black bg. With one frame showing enough of the mark to get people guessing what it meant.

Brand Guidelines

Extensive brand guidelines we’re created to ensure proper use of all XTEND branded elements. Each page features a long-form explanation, visual examples, and a short-form summary.

Product Branding

Each XTEND product was given it’s own visual identity. This helped differentiate between the products, and gave each product it’s own unique personality. Each identity was based off the packaging, benefits, and intended use.

Signature XTEND Product(s)

XTEND is exploring special collaboration products starting with XTEND x Mat Fraser. We worked with Mat to create a signature flavor of his favorite product. With custom label design for the product featuring Mat’s signature, likeness, and his personal tagline “Hard Work Pays Off” (HWPO).

I worked with Producer / Video Editor Jackson Burris to create a hype video to help market the product's launch.

Website Design

Working in close collaboration with the internal web development team, an eCommerce-focused website was created for the brand. The site’s visual design continues the modern aesthetic of the brand. With a cleaner style that pares back any visual noise that might distract from the products.

Social Media

Fans loved head-on shots of the product so we explored creative ways to highlight different aspects of the product (flavor, feeling, etc.)

Misc. marketing assets were also created to highlight sales, events, and campaigns.

Work. Play. Recover.
XTEND Mixology Campaign

We launched a summer campaign around the idea of balance between working out, and having some fun. Creating custom BCAA cocktails that help with hangovers just as much as they help with recovering from a workout.

XTEND Cocktail Recipes

We collaborated with Terrance Robson, the Best Bartender in Texas 2019 and Manager of HereNorThere speakeasy, to create custom BCAA cocktails.

Each recipe uses XTEND and other ingredients that compliment the flavor of the product. We filmed him making the BCAA cocktails in his speakeasy and added the recipe instructions to show people how to make each cocktail.

Mixology Marketing

Along with the video content, we conducted cocktail-focused and lifestyle-focused photoshoots to help market the campaign launch and supplement the cocktail recipe cards included in the launch kit.

Mixology Microsite

We created a microsite to host all of our Mixology content. We had custom cocktail recipes that used various flavors of the product, videos that showed how to make each cocktail, and a way to purchase the toolkits that were sent to influencers.

The site uses a split-view layout so users are able to see the cocktail photo/video on the left, while scrolling through the recipe information on the right. We also included a day/night mode switch as a callback to the campaign tagline, “Work. Play. Recover.”


Art Direction for numerous photoshoots conducted during my time at XTEND.

XTEND On The Go Photoshoot

We conducted an Athlete photoshoot to support the launch of XTEND On The Go, a carbonated version of the XTEND product sold in a can.

Can in Hand Photoshoot

The concept behind the Can in Hand photoshoot was to showcase macro shots of the XTEND product in the hand of an athlete.

The photos place emphasis on the product, and use the model’s hands along with other set pieces, to create a story that the viewer can identify if they participate in that specific workout, sport, etc.

Splash Photoshoot

To help communicate the hydration benefits of the product, we conducted a photoshoot that explored the motion of water.

What did I learn?

Rebranding the World's #1 BCAA Brand is the most challenging, and rewarding project I've ever worked on.

I learned how to articulate my vision into a design system that could grow and evolve with the brand. Fostering experimentation and leaving room for designers to build on what I had started.

Shipping in-house creative work, that you're proud of, is harder than it looks. And I'm damn proud of what we came up with.

I'd like to thank my Creative Director, Eric Bookout. They believed in me and did what every great manager does: Challenge ideas, remove roadblocks, and get the hell out of the way lol.