Aption DC – Website Design

Unwavering Versatility

My role

Freelance Designer

What I did

UX Design
Web Design


Merino wool garments that synthesize function and fashion.

The Brief

Redesign their website to better tell the story behind their brand and their products.

What you wear is where you'll go

Aption takes what is normally seen as lounge wear and flips it on it's head. Through the use of Merino Wool, Aption was able to engineer sweatpants and other garments that are meant to be worn outside.

What you do is who you are.

The previous version of Aption’s website was more catalogue-focused, and unfortunately, lacked any information regarding the story of their garments.

The brand is relatively new to the space and needed a way to share their story, including how and why they make their garments.

Unwaivering Versatility

The hero of their new site contains a full-screen, immersive video that introduces the story behind their brand: “Unwavering Versatility”. The video acts as an introduction to the brand, letting customers know there is much more to the brand than their garments. That there is a story to be told that gives context and value to each product.

Don't bury the lead

The ultimate goal of any ecommerce site is to sell a product. Which is why I decided to include a horizontally scrolling gallery of images containing the various garments Aption offers. Offering quick access for any returning customers that want to get through to checkout.

Establishing context for any new customers that may be unaware of what exactly Aption offers. Removing any confusion that could be misinterpreted from the more lifestyle-based hero video.

What it's like to wear an Aption garment.

Aption needed a way to communicate the value of their products. They needed to share both the benefits of wearing their garments, and the features that all garment’s possess.

The benefits section of the site describes what it’s like to wear an Aption garment. Engaging the emotions of the customer as they read about the experience provided by the product.

Much more than your average pair of sweatpants

Immediately following the Benefits section, we have the Features section. This section acts as a way for Aption to show their homework and provide reasons why their garments are able to provide the experiences outlined in the previous section.

Offering snippets of information that speak to the most important features of the product including the use of Merino wool, the technology behind the hidden pocket, and the philosophy they follow while designing their garments.

Calling the customer to action.

Just below the features section, we have a CTA hero that prompts the customer to “Shop Now”. The idea being that once the customer has heard about the experiences provided by the product, and how the product supports them, they are armed with enough knowledge to validate a purchase.

And through the use of an in-context photo showcasing the products laid out in a retail setting, we build credibility for the brand and help establish trust with the customer.

Wrapping everything up

The last section of the homepage features a prominent email capture for the newsletter, and footer links detailing out the full site map.